Ontellus Add-on for Records Retrieval V1.0.0

Ontellus Add-on for Records Retrieval V1.0.0

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Ready for Guidewire

The “AddOntellus™” add-on provides Guidewire users the ability to send records retrieval requests to Ontellus™ from within ClaimCenter™.The Ontellus order request, order status updates, and receipt of medical, billing and other claims records are seamlessly integrated within ClaimCenter, eliminating the need to log into the My.Ontellus.com™portal.

This seamless integration achieves decreased cycle time and improves productivity across your claims organization.
Primary Benefits:

  • Prefilled claims information while ordering, eliminating the need to rekey information
  • Orders records quickly and accurately passed to Ontellus
  • Automated status updates
  • Secure delivery of records retrieved
  • Enables all record related approval activities to be performed in ClaimCenter
  • Instant access of information
The AddOntellus Guidewire Marketplace add-on is the first integration of its kind with a national records retrieval partner. AddOntellus™ integration as an add-on feature for ClaimCenter provides value for claims departments by creating a streamlined records retrieval process. The benefits of this integration—single sign-on, simplified workflow, and access to real-time information—can save adjusters hours per claim.

Ontellus is the nation's largest, full-service procurer of medical records, wage and employment records, diagnostic imaging files, pharma, social security records, billing records and other claims-related data services.

DevConnect is a prerequisite for this add-on.