Compex add-on for Record Retrieval

Compex add-on for Record Retrieval

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Compex’s end-to-end digital process supports the shift to lower-touch claims, reducing the time it takes to obtain and summarize any type of records, including: medical, billing, films, phone, insurance, building, police, social security, and more. The Compex Add-On for Record Retrieval enables insurers on Guidewire ClaimCenter to easily and securely:

  • Order records faster with claim information automatically pre-populated 
  • View real-time order status within ClaimCenter
  • Receive records and films securely back into your claim file
  • View records and films within ClaimCenter with an accessible Dicom viewer for films
  • Add time-saving services such as chronological organization and medical and billing summaries
  • Send records and films to law firms, IME’s, Authentic4D, and other third parties
Compex Add-on Benefits
  • Resolve claims faster with shorter cycle times
  • Reduce record retrieval and summarization costs
  • Streamline the process across claims, legal, and third parties
  • Redirect adjuster time to higher value activities
  • Support virtual and low-touch claims handling
  • Modernize with a digital end-to-end process

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