Donan Connect Add-on for Claims Investigative Services

Donan Connect Add-on for Claims Investigative Services

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Ready for Guidewire

The Donan Connect add-on provides Guidewire ClaimCenter users the ability to engage and manage Donan’s full suite of services without ever leaving their secure claims servicing platform. From the simple act of delivering the appropriate information to begin an investigation to the receiving of the final report and invoice, all functions will take place directly within the ClaimCenter environment to ensure accuracy, ease of use, robust communication updates and history, and optimal security of all data. Simplifying and streamlining the accurate transfer of data helps ensure the timely dispatch of Donan’s resources to guarantee the fast turnaround times and accurate findings required to close claim files.

Primary Benefits:

  • Optimal security, accuracy and speed in transferring key information to launch a forensic investigation
  • Improved customer satisfaction for adjusters and insureds as a result of great transparency in communications and reporting
  • Access to Donan’s traditional field services as well as to other innovative services such as Source7 AI, which can be used to streamline processes and predict subrogation potential as well as annual and quarterly claim costs
  • The ability to see Matterport 3D scans directly uploaded to the claim file for reference