Encircle Add-on for Fast Claims Settlement

Encircle Add-on for Fast Claims Settlement

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Ready for Guidewire

The Encircle Add-on for Fast Claims Settlement provides a common platform to easily share and access photos and documentation remotely between carriers, policyholders and restorers allowing you to increase efficiency, reduce cycle times, settle claims faster and improve the customer experience right from first notice of loss (FNOL). 

When a claim is opened in Guidewire's ClaimCenter you can quickly access Encircle’s Add-on for Fast Claims Settlement to create or view the claim within Encircle.  Encircle has implemented single sign-on making it seamless to transition between ClaimCenter and Encircle.

Adjusters are forced to make a lot of decisions with imperfect data, from an initial understanding of the scope and cause of loss, to more complex information like the extent of the damage, whether contents were involved, and how best to mitigate the loss. This is where connecting on a shared platform like Encircle can really help. 

Now you can easily share a link with the policyholder via text or email at FNOL so they can begin capturing photos using their mobile device. As photos are taken, they are automatically uploaded to Guidewire’s ClaimCenter, notifying you as they are added to the claim, so you have instant insight into the loss and can make early-stage decisions as required without leaving ClaimCenter.