Advanced Remarketing Services Add-on for Alternate Salvage Disposal V1.0.0

Advanced Remarketing Services Add-on for Alternate Salvage Disposal V1.0.0

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ELVX Add-on for Salvage Disposal allows ClaimCenter customers to maximize recoveries on Predictive Total Loss and low value salvage.  Our end-to-end process enables clients to dispose of salvage units directly from the primary storage location to a Nationwide network of licensed buyers, shredders and recyclers. With ELVX, clients will also have the option to initiate an alternative Method of Inspection (MOI) to obtain photos from the storage location or tow network.

Our add-on delivers, Higher Recoveries, Reduced Cycle Time, LAE Savings 

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ELVX integrates seamlessly with Guidewire’s ClaimCenter.  Our solution allows users to easily assign vehicles to an alternative salvage process from FNOL or TLD.  ARS manages every step of the disposal service and provides real time updates to client.

Benefits include: 
●    Segmentation tools to identify predictive total loss ELV units
●    Streamlined processing within ClaimCenter
●    Customized Configurations & dynamic workflows
●    Drastically discounted fees for buyer & seller   
●    Higher Recoveries Gross & Net
●    Alternative title solutions for faster processing
●    Alternative MOI for faster settlement
●    Automated Notifications & custom reminders within Guidewire
●    Comprehensive Reporting of recoveries, milestones and cycle time 
Since 2010 Advanced Remarketing Services has been selling insurance salvage direct to licensed buyers.  Our clients continue to look for innovative solutions to traditional challenges. We are excited to partner with Guidewire in delivering a native alternative salvage service that provides a triple lift to Insurance clients.