ClaimFox Integration with ClaimCenter 9.0.8

ClaimFox Integration with ClaimCenter 9.0.8

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Ready for Guidewire

eRequest by ClaimFox provides the capability for ClaimCenter users to send requests and subpoenas for copies of claim files to ClaimFox for fulfillment.

When insurers receive requests for copies of specific claim files from outside parties, ClaimFox fulfills these requests, at no cost to the insurer, while providing the highest level of data security. Our Ready for Guidewire integration allows ClaimCenter users to easily connect to eRequest and submit their requests to be fulfilled.

eRequest by ClaimFox is the first and only integration of its kind. ClaimFox partnered with Guidewire to provide insurers a seamless integration for a centralized, streamlined, efficient and highly secure option for fulfillment of requests for copies of claim files. This integration achieves decreased cycle time and improves efficiency and productivity across claims units.