INTERTEL Medical Canvass for ClaimCenter 9.0.8

INTERTEL Medical Canvass for ClaimCenter 9.0.8

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Ready for Guidewire

The INTERTEL integration provides Guidewire users the ability to send Medical Canvassing Requests to INTERTEL from within ClaimCenter. The INTERTEL Canvassing Request Form, status updates, and completed reports are seamlessly integrated within ClaimCenter, eliminating the need to log into the INTERTEL portal. The goal of this INTERTEL accelerator is to facilitate Medical Canvassing Request automation, helping claim adjusters improve productivity and enhance the overall experience of working with INTERTEL.

Primary Benefits:

  • Auto-populate claims information from ClaimCenter to the INTERTEL Request Form when ordering, eliminating any need to rekey information
  • Automated status updates within ClaimCenter
  • Secure delivery of completed reports
  • Instant access to critical information
This INTERTEL accelerator is the first integration of its kind with a national Medical Canvassing partner. The best results are accomplished with a seamless integration of Medical Canvassing with the claims process. This is exactly the idea behind the INTERTEL Medical Canvass Accelerator.

INTERTEL, Inc. is the nationally recognized leader in Medical Canvassing. As the industry architect, INTERTEL provides the most secure, consistent and quality information in the claims industry.