INTERTEL Medical Canvass for ClaimCenter 9.0.8

INTERTEL Medical Canvass for ClaimCenter 9.0.8

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Ready for Guidewire

The purpose of this accelerator is to integrate Guidewire ClaimCenter with the Intertel Portal. It will redirect ClaimCenter users to the Intertel Portal for submitting a Medical Canvassing request form to verify the pre-existing medical condition of an injured party and will return the report to ClaimCenter along with a status of the Medical Canvassing service request. 

The following use cases are supported:

  1. Launch Intertel Portal from ClaimCenter to initiate a Medical Canvassing request. 
  2. Create an activity to notify the claim adjuster on the availability of Medical Canvassing services
  3. Prepopulate the injured and adjuster fields in the Intertel medical canvassing request form with data from ClaimCenter (via the ClaimCenter API)
  4. Service Request status updates from Intertel to ClaimCenter
  5. Medical canvassing case report and associated document (PDF, Excel, etc.)  will be sent from Intertel to ClaimCenter and will be available in Documents tab on the Services screen
  6. Create history events to track the actions performed on the claim
  7. Create an activity notifying the claim adjuster that the service request is complete